Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: What am I asked to make art ABOUT?

A: Make art that shares your COVID-19 experience. As a living witness to history, what do you see, feel or think during this experience? What does your home look like? What's your daily routine? What does social-distancing mean to you? Etc.

Q: Can I make anything I want?

A: No. Your artwork should share your COVID-19 experience, and must be “school appropriate”.

Q: Why should I participate?

A: Beyond SSCPS Makes Art History being an assignment for some students, we believe your voice is IMPORTANT. We are creative and expressive beings, and during crises we come together in community. However, this event is unique as it prevents that from happening. This is your chance to creatively gather. To come together and share your unique perspective about what is happening with, and around you and your family during this unprecedented time in our History. Our voices are what History Books are made of, and YOU are living it!

Q: What can I use for my visual art?

A: Look for things around your home for traditional and untraditional art-making materials; recycled papers. (magazines, newspapers, discarded envelopes, brown paper bags, empty cereal boxes, etc. Then feel free to use tape, glue, pencil, pen, etc. to assist in the artmaking! HAVE FUN!

Q: Can I make my art on my computer?

A. Yes.

Q: How many pieces can I upload?

A: As many as you want.

Q: Who is going to see this?

A: All contributed artwork will be first be shared with our school community online. Once we're back in school we will send out instructions for you to bring your physical art in so we can display or perform them at a school wide Art Show entitled SSCPS Makes Art History.

Q: Is it only visual art?

A: No, it can be any modality that you wish; music, video, writing, prose, poetry, a book, sculpture, painting, collage, drawing, etc.

Q: Can it be a video?

A: Yes, but we ask that it not be more than 1 minute each. There is a lot you can express in those 60 seconds, and you can always submit a series of videos.

Q: Can I collaborate with someone else?

A: Yes! Work individually, with a friend or sibling, or as a family.

Q: Is this a contest?

No. This is NOT a contest or competition

Q: Will my original artwork be returned to me?

A: Yes. Instructions for art pick up will be included in future show information.

Q: Will my artwork be cropped or altered?

A. We do reserve the right to only crop any online art submission(s) so that it fits any online display requirements. Otherwise, we respect that what you submit is what you want others to see. Please edit accordingly.

NOTE: Please email additional questions using the SUBMIT button above. Those questions as soon as possible, and those answers will be added to this page.

~ Thank you

Q: What is the timetable for SSCPS Makes Art History?

A. Artwork is due June 1st with online gallery to follow. Live, in-school show is planned for later this year.

Q: Where do I submit my artwork?

1. Use the blue SUBMIT button below to email a photo of your artwork to . Please include the following information about your artwork in the email SUBJECT line:

  • Type of media ( Painting, Drawing, Music with video, .mp3, Video, Poetry, Sculpture, Collage, Mixed media, etc.)

  • Artist's name

  • Grade level or association with a student/faculty, etc.

Q: Where do I bring the original artwork?

A: Keep your original art at home until we ask for it. Our goal is to organize and display (and perform) all contributed artwork at SSCPS in late 2020. Details to come…