How to draw the SSCPS Makes Art History emoji logo

SSCPS MAH logo demo 1.mp4
  1. Supplies you'll need

SSCPS MAH logo demo 2.mp4

2. Sketch lines with pencil

SSCPS MAH logo demo 3.mp4

3. Trace pencil line with Sharpie and add color

SSCPS MAH logo demo 4.mp4

4. Add lettering around emoji logo

Instruction / Mixed media

Create a Journal from a paper grocery bag

Instructions and visuals below. Perhaps fill it with things that you see and feel are different now then before we left school in March.


  • A paper grocery bag

  • A ruler (If you don’t have one a piece of computer paper is 8.5" x11" you can use that as a guide)

  • Something to write with (pencils, markers, pens, etc.) Here’s what won’t work...chalk, charcoal or pastel..way too dusty!

  • Scissors (if you don’t have any, you can tear paper after you have made really creased folds, but definitely scissors will make life easier for this exercise).

Optional supplies include colored pencils, colored markers, gel pens, glue stick, variety of paper from old newspapers, magazines, etc.


Take the grocery bag and cut down one of the major side seams, then cut off the bottom. You can also choose to carefully remove the handles ( I left one of mine on and took the other off to possibly be a closure).

Now measure out the bag. My bag height was 14" so I used that for one side and measured out the other to 20".

See visual directions below to the left for the bag that I made. I have also including for a more complex accordion style book, bottom right.

Student work / Mixed media

How High School Student Olivia Harvey creates her artwork

Using materials found around the house; playing cards, colored pens, tape and Mod Podge all on a piece of cardboard. Great idea, Olivia!

Student work / Mixed media

High School Art Student Isabel Everson

Demonstrates her paper weaving steps to create this Covid-19 piece:

Last updated: 5/4/20

How To Create a Poster Using Pixlr

Instrudctions to use pixlr

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