SSCPS Makes Art History

Hello SSCPS Students, Faculty, Staff, Family, and Friends,

Throughout human history, artists have made art to record, reflect and interpret historic events they have witnessed. Now, we are all living through one of our own with COVID-19. The SSCPS Art Department invites you to participate in SSCPS Makes Art History by making your piece of art.

Submissions by email ONLY no later than June 1st, (see FAQs page for instructions).

We will collect the actual artwork in the Fall for a school-wide SSCPS Makes Art History Show .

Here are a but a few creative suggestions:

  • Draw or paint a picture of what you are now seeing around you.

  • Write and record a song about how you are feeling or spending your time.

  • Photograph or film your family, pet or daily home activities.

  • Paint what you see from your window.

  • Sculpt a 3-D piece or assemble a collage using recycled or found objects in your home.

Create something with your heart, mind, voice and hands that captures YOUR EXPERIENCE during this time. Feel free to combine any of the media suggested above. Work individually, with friends, siblings or as a family. This is NOT a competition, and the work does have to be “school appropriate”.

So look around your home at what is available to you, and CREATE.

Visit our Inspiration and Instructions pages for more...

~ The SSCPS Arts Department

Marianne Buckley Curran

Theron Leonard

Christine Bodnar

Danielle Bayer

Pam Golden

Helen Wardie Mannix

Daniel Vasconcellos