Challenge I


Your challenge, should you chose to except it, is to create a cool & hip beats with Incredibox.

You can always share your results via the Share button at the bottom.

CHallenge II

Around The house

This week is all about home-made instruments!

With materials around the house, create a musical instrument from any instrumental family. This can include rubber bands to create a bass, or pencils & cups to create drums.

You can share your creations with me!

Callenge III


Can you figure out which order these cards should be placed to recreate the Star-Spangled Banner?

Challenge IV


The spectrograph is a cool device that lets us see the many frequencies that are in sounds! By using the mic, what are the differences between two different sounds in near you.

Challenge V

Paint & Draw!

Paint the best picture you can. Then press play. Let's see how it sounds!