Here are some of your favorite songs in which you can dance and sing along to!

Singing with Wardie!

1st gade video #2 .MOV

1st grade music video #1 .MOV

K music video #1 .MOV

K music video #2 .MOV

Activity 1

This is a song to help teach tempo. Tempo is fast and slow.

First shake your hands to a fast tempo. Then shake your hands to a slow tempo.

The next song is a movement song to help keep your bodies active and follow directions.

Activity 2

Sing along with me! We are going to practice, This Land is your Land and Rocking Robin. Use any musical intruments in your house to help keep the beat. Remember beat is steady!

It is spring be aware of the different bird sounds you here. Be creative and see if you can match the sounds to the bird using the following link.


Activity 3

Music helps with feelings. Lets practice our different feelings with our bodies and voices.

What zone are you in when you are feeling happy? Watch this video to help you identify the feelings.


IMG_3496 4.MOV

activity 4

Sing along with Wardie! Grab an instrument and do your favorite sing along songs. Make sure you sing, play and have fun!

activity 5

Pitch is high and low. Use your vocal pathways to feel what it is like to sing high and low. Use the following link to help with pitch activities.


To Write a Song

activity 6

Here is a easy template to help you write a song for our art show. Make sure you revise and edit. If you need help let me know. Below is a graphic orginizer to help create your original song.


SSCPS Music At Home

activity 7

Here is a fun version of Music Bingo. You will work on different music concepts to win the game. There are different music links to guide you through melody, rhythms and beat. Make sure you play around in th Chrome Music Lab! Send me your videos!